Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{i wonder}

Last week I heard the news a our local government and a company named ADDVentures have plans to build a large amusement park in my home town.

I live in sleepy provincial town with about 30.000 inhabitants in the south of the Netherlands. It is nice and quiet here. In the beginning of the 20th century coal was found in this part of the country and a mine was built here. My father and both my grandfathers worked in that mine. Beside that, sand and gravel was dug up. Now they have plans to built an amusement park depicting the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam in the (open) mine. The park will carry the name Nature Wonder World. In other parks in the area other wonders of the world will be depicted. The park in my home town should be ready within 3 to 7 years. All of the parks together will attract 5 million visitors per year. Yes, 5.000.000 visitors!

Can you imagine I have mixed feelings about this plan?

First of all, seeing is believing of cause. A plan like that almost seems ridiculous, but a study to see if a park here would be viable already has been done. The outcome is positive.

What will become of my quiet sleepy home town of hordes of tourists will visit this area?

Is it wise of the local government to pump tax payers money into this plan. I am afraid there are some who already see their names printed in history books, loosing sight of the fact that they were elected to serve this community not for their own gain. 

On the other hand another large employer, Afnorth (Allied Forces Northern Europe), will very probably close it's base in the next couple of years. These parks will employ about 5000 people and generate money, also for the area. 

Help me out! What do you think!

Take care,

PS. Do you like my Christmas background? If you think it is too much, let me know!


  1. Oh it's such a hard one!. We live in a very rural town and there is hardly any employment other than the airforce bases which may close in the forseeable future. So I can understand that 5000 new jobs are really attractive, but the thought of 5,000,000 visitors to your town - that is a lot of extra people - with all the potential problems they could bring as well. I think your town will change beyond all recognition from the sound of it, which is quite sad.

  2. Tja ik weet het ook niet hoor wat ik van die plannen moet denken. Kan me niet voorstellen dat daar zoveel mensen op af komen. Maar het zal toch wel gaan gebeuren als ze het geld er voor rond krijgen.

  3. you are quite right about the amusement park

  4. I would feel the same way as you.. mixed.
    The background is cute! :)