Friday, December 17, 2010

{christmas decoration}

I decided to decorate our wreath in white this year.

Poinsettia's are almost obligatory during Christmas time.

Our Christmas tree is very traditional. It took H. over an hour to add the 200 lights LOL.
Our nativity: my grandmother's statuettes and my mother in laws house. A perfect match.

This is my mom's tree. She bought this tree when she moved into her appartment. She wanted beautiful and easy. The tree is both. After Christmas she would wrap it in a sheet and take it to the basement. 
It was one of the last things I took with me after she died. I decided it would be a good thing to keep using it. She would have liked that. 

A close-up of the decoration. Beautiful!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. The Roses on the tree are my favorite!
    Your right.. your Mom would want that....but also.. you'll think of her when you see it!

  2. I just love your Mum's tree! She would love that you are continuing her tradition - and what a beautiful tree it is.

    Happy Christmas Marianne.

  3. What a brilliant post, thanks a lot for for sharing!