Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{birthday books}

This year a got two lovely books for my birthday.

White Christmas by Tricia Foley was a very thoughtfull gift by my wonderful friend Ann from Ann Old Fashioned Girl. She knows just what I like!

Thank you very much Ann. You have been a very good and patient friend to me this past year!

The second book is Inred Lantligt Inne & Ute by Anna Örnberg. Given to me by my love, H. Also a very thoughtful present (which I chose and ordered myself LOL). It is my second book by Anna Örnberg. The first one was last years birthday gift from H.

Here are some more photo's of Ann gift.

And these ar of H.'s gift.

Take care,


  1. JIJ verveelt je dus niet deze Kerst :) MOOIE boeken

  2. Thank you for mentioning it. :)
    I love the book H got you.. it looks nice as well!
    I was SOOO happy to get your Christmas card! Thank you for taking the time to send me one!
    Merry Christmas my friend! XO