Sunday, November 7, 2010

{This ‘n that}

I have been neglecting my blog a bit. I have been visiting your blogs (and hopefully leaving comments so you know I am still here).

I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately. I am a bit stuck. I still love it, but I have a serious writers block. So I am trying to figur out what to do with the blog. I want to keep it personal, but also be able to write about other things then my home. My blog is supposed to be about my thirfty finds. But I haven’t been visiting much flea market and thrift stores lately. I don’t think it is of much use to stash my house with finds while I have my mother’s things boxed in the attic. It also doesn’t feel right.

Suggestions about my blog are very welcome!

What else have I been up to… O.K. let me think…

I’ve been to work a lot, cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry.
But I guess that is not what you mean.

I have been discovering my Mac, trying to find nice software.

I bought Photoshop Elements 9. First I wanted to buy the Dutch version, but I decided against it. First of all the English version was much cheaper (I bought it through and most tutarials on the internet are in English. Buying the English version makes it easier to use these tutorials. If you want to try PSE 9, you can download it at Adobe and try it for 30 days. It has an option for guided use, very nice for a dummy like me.

I have been reading digitalized magazines a lot lately. I will blog about that later this week.

I have been buying things for the house in the last couple of months that have been on my wish list. The nice thing is, when I saw these things first I made a mental note. One way or the other I walked into them.


I bought this jar by Riviera Maison in Bergen 2 weeks ago. It has three parts that can be stacked. The upper part has a lid. Riviera Maison has nice things, but is expensive. Because their things are popular they are copied a lot. They also had nice magazine racks, but I really thought they were too expensive. So when I say these at a diy shop I had to buy them. The are next to my Mac.


The 2011 diary is by Oililly.


This is a photo of one corner of our hallway. The mirror belonged to my mom. The beautiful box was made by Jeany. The letters I bought a few months ago at Tchibo.

Have a nice week!


  1. Hee meid, je mag gerust nadenken over het hoe en wat, maar sluiten de boel hier doe je neit, je vertelt maar waar je zin in hebt ik kom sowieso, :)0 ik vind dit alweer een erg leuk logje, lekker persoonlijk, een beetje dite en date, en daar houd ik wel van. Leuk die glazen etagiere, of hoe zoeits heet. En meid, neem je tijd wat het verwerken van je moeder aangaat, misschien is het leuk om af en toe een verhaaltje over je jeugd en je leven met haar te schrijven, dan heb je een dubbel doel, je boeit ons en jij verwerkt een hoop, hoop ik :)) enne, leuk 'mijn ' doos bij jou te zien, lieve groeten van Janine

  2. How I wish I could read Dutch! Love to know what Janine wrote.

    I think you should blog about whatever appeals to you.

    I shall be doing a blogpost soon about my new house number which was inspired by you!

    (I have a new front door and windows too but no way to attach a house number to the door!)

  3. I agree... blog about what YOU like. One of the biggest mistakes I see with friends that blog is that they do it for others.. and then they don't like blogging. i have to remember when I post that I am doing it for me.. and if others decide to read my random thoughts.. Great.

    So.. should I be worried that I haven't heard from you for a LONG time? :)

    ~ And were we not going to Skype? Still waiting.

    I love your Mothers mirror! Very pretty!

    Hope you have a good week.. XO

  4. Hello Marianne,

    I so agree with Anne Marie. Your blog is completely your own. I so remember in my beginning blogging days, I would sometime worry over just what do I post next I think others will enjoy. This I feel is absolutely no way to blog at all and causes blogging to become a chore, no fun at all.

    Your blog, your heart and we love it!:o) By the way, I love your pretty jar! Happy weekend to you!:o)



  5. Oh wow everything look so nice and perfect, love it!