Saturday, November 13, 2010


I love reading magazines, it is relaxing! I love reading them laying on the couch in winter or sitting in the sun during the summer. Preferably with a nice drink!

Well, I should forget about that. I discovered e-reading and I don't own an Ipad, Galaxy Tab, Nook, Kindle, whatever. So I have to sit up straight behind my Mac.

Don't worry, I won't abandon reading the real thing. I love holding the real thing in my hand, I always will. Yesterday I ordered the Christmas edition of BBC Homes & Antiques online. It is impossible to find in or near my hometown. I was very happy to find a Dutch site, AKO, where they sell UK en US magazines. For € 2 extra for shipping I can stop the search.

Last month's BBC H&A I bought and read online through Zinio. Zinio is an online newsstand. I discovered it while looking for mags on my Iphone. They have an Iphone app, a Mac or Windows desktop app or you just read the mag online in an online reader. The price you pay is the cover price. I paid € 4,40 for the digital BBC H&A. The paper one I ordered yesterday will cost me € 9,95. Now you can see why it is interesting for me to buy magazines online. I can even subsribe to Country Living US for $ 12 (exclusing taxes, about 20%).

Schermafbeelding 2010-11-07 om 09.33.03
copyright BBC Homes & Antiques issue november 2010

Ofcause you do not always have to pay for online magazines. Nowaday it is hot to make your own magazine and a lot of very talented people have done so recently. Most of them are uploaded to Issuu. Issuu is also used to publish online catalogues. As far as I know Issuu doesn't work with ofline readings. You can read the mag or cataloque online. You can also choose to have it embedded (show it) on your blog or site.

Here is a short list of nice magazines.

Ez of Creature Comforts blog made the lovely magazine Gifted, a holiday guide for gift giving. I tried to have the magazine embeded here, I hope it works. You can flip through the magazine by clicking the left or right side of the image. Often there is hidden content. If you see the url to a site, you can click on it.

Nice huh!

Lonny Mag already has published it’s 4th issue and can also be bought in print.

By Fryd is made by Jeanette of scandinavian blog Fryd + Design. She already published her 2nd issue.

You can also take a peak in Selina Lakes new book Romantic Styles or how about Clayre & Eef’s latest cataloque.

These is just a small selection. Just visit Issuu and browse a little, it really is a treasure trove.

Have fun!


  1. Ben dol op magazines ook, maar vind ze gewoon te duur om ze te kopen. Dus dan is dit een geweldig idee, . Ken de link op zich wel, maar deze magazines had ik nog niet ontdekt (er zijn er ook ZOVEEL!!) en dat boek Romantic Styles wil ik oooooit eens kopen haha (ja ooit)

    Fijn (lees) weekend

  2. Ik ben ook helemaal gek op al die bladen maar kende deze link nog niet, bedankt voor de tip.
    Leuk dat je mee wilde doen aan mijn give away maar helaas...
    Lieve groetjes Gerda

  3. Goede tip bedankt! ga er eens even naar kijken.
    want vind ze tegenwoordig toch wel een beetje prijzig.


  4. Oh my goodness Marianne ... you have given me such joy in finding this site...what amazing works. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  5. Really interesting magazine this month, can't wait to get my hands on it.