Friday, November 19, 2010

{link love}

I love to visit blogs, all kinds of them. Blogs about interior decoration, apple, iphones, embroidery etc.
My Google Reader is filled with them. I have so much I had to make a favorites list, so I can at least keep up with my favorite blogs. Which blog is on that list? Yours certainly is ;-)

Here are some nice blogs.

by Yvonne is the first blog I ever ran into. It has been a bit quiet over there in the last year, because Yvonne moved to Belgium to an old house. She is currently decorating. the blog of Norwegian based photographer Trine Thorsten. She photographs interiors, food, lifestyle.
Her work has been published in magazines, catalogues and books.

I don't know this lady's name. She shares what she likes and makes on her Tumblr blog.
I like a lot of what she likes, and so do her many followers.  Now and then I reblog her posts on my Tumblr blog LTJ Files. My Tumblr blog is a filing cabinet for nice photo's that I want to keep.

Benita's blogs about her life, her work and her home. Her decorating style has that same clean cut style as Yvonne. Although Yvonne likes the romantic tough (Cath Kidston etc).

Is a blog where people can show off their hacks of Ikea products. Hack meaning, changing the products appearance or purpose.

Have a nice weekend,


  1. Thanks for the links, there's a couple of blogs there I've not come across before, so I look forward to reading them. Have a great weekend x

  2. Dat is me wat met die favorieten!!Ik heb er in mijn sidebar een heleboel staan.Maar ook gewoon bij m'n gewone favorieten, die alleen voor mij zichtbaar zijn........staan er wel een paar 100!!!

    Hihihi...en dat wil ik allemaal bijhouden?????

    Dat lukt dus nooit.
    Bij jou ook niet denk ik!!

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Thea

  3. I just found your blog and it's lovely! My reader is also filled with amazing blogs, and I love finding new blogs and sources of inspiration. I'll check these out :)