Monday, November 15, 2010

{country living christmas}

I am not looking forward to Christmas for obvious reasons.
But I think we have no choice then to try to make the best of it.

Meanwhile I am trying to get in the mood with some pictures of a lovely home from Country Living US. I downloaded them from their site.

I love the plate rack.

Nice vintage bed.

The tree looks a bit bare, but I like the glass canister.

Take care,

PS I made this post with Blogger's "new" editor. It worked well, but this was a simple post. 
I remember, with the old editor, having problems when moving pictures and adding some html of my own. I will try that some other time.


  1. ja meid soms denk ik wel eens, vlg mij maken ze die foto's maar daat woont niemand :)) wie houdt dat toch allemaal zo netjes?? Prachtig vind ik het om te kijken, maar, ik zou het neit kunnen, ben al blij als ik weet hoe ik het een beetje kan dekoreren, hahaaa

  2. Just gorgeous! I love that plate rack too :) x

  3. Gorgeous inspiration indeed! I love how the holidays can be expressed in so many ways ~ always candy for the eye. ;-)

  4. The photos are nice. I also enjoy looking through magazines over the holidays to see the beautiful decor. I hope you eventually get into the christmas spirit.

  5. These photos are soooo wonderful! I feel like want to live in that house! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. WHat a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.