Friday, November 26, 2010

{christmas coasters}

I bought some red felt coasters last week. I really liked them as they were punched.

I want to use them for dinner. My sister is coming over for dinner and I intend to make it look a bit festive. The holes did bother me a bit though. Then I got an e-mail from Martha Stewart. Well uhm, not personally of cause LOL. I am subscribed to her crafts and organizing e-mails.


It dawned on my I already had halve of the coasters for this craft. I had some white felt in my craft supply (which I hardly ever use I have to admit).

I cut the white felt to match the size of the coasters and glued together using glue spray.

Hey presto, my red and white Martha Stewart inspired christmas coasters.

Have a nice weekend!

PS Sorry for the bad quality of my photo's. I had to make them with artificial light.


  1. leuk meid, hier mag je wel emer van laten zien, ben neit zo goed in tafels dekoreren, hahaaaa

  2. Ja zo zijn ze nog mooier geworden...die Martha toch . Hihi ik krijg ook vaak mail van haar...uhm haar craft newsletters enzo dan hahahaha.

    Groetjes uit wit Drenthe.

  3. Great idea! Looks very pretty :)
    Hugs, Nina

  4. So cute! And, what a great idea to line them. Water seeping through the holes kinda defeats the purpose.