Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is no secret that I am a fan of Starbucks and I have to admitt that I am addicted to coffee. I drink too much of it, especially at work. I learned to drink coffee at work some 20 years ago. Before that I drank tea and coca cola.

At home I only drink coffee at weekends.  Every Saturday I meet my friend I. for coffee in a little lunchroom in my home town. I love my cappucino and latte to bits LOL

Off late I noticed that both Mc Donalds and Ikea opened a coffeebar, it seems to be a trend.  It really surprised me to see a coffeebar, McCafe (ofcause), at the McDonalds in Lugano in September. I didn’t take a photo as we never went inside (H. is not a fan of McDonalds). Through the window the coffee nook looked nice though and it reminded me of Starbucks. It looked a bit like this…

Photo: McDonalds

When I visited Ikea earlier this month to take a look at the new additions to their collection I found this near the restaurant.




Photo okt. 18, 17 08 11

I like the decoration, everything Ikea ofcause. It looked like a lounge bar, very relaxed!


The latte with krusball (a marshmallow confection) tasted great. The coffee was much better than the regular Ikea coffee, which didn’t surprise me as it was Lavazza coffee.
No more Ikea Family Card free coffee for me!!!!

Do you have a McDonalds or Ikea with coffeebar in your town?



PS I have to apologize for the photo’s, I used my iPhone.


  1. Our Ikea just has a cafeteria. That coffee bar looks really nice. Are the prices reasonable? I actually like the free coffee, it has a very distinctive taste.

  2. This is new to me. I don't think we have them here in Los Angeles yet. I wish we did though, because they look really nice. And it's probably lower prices...

  3. Ik heb ook al kennis gemaakt met de Ikea koffiebar. Ik heb toen de warme chocomelk geprobeerd. Echte melk met stukjes chocola om erin te smelten. Ook erg aan te raden.
    Maar toch wilde ik dat Starbucks wat meer Nederlandse winkels zou openen.

  4. Ohooo how lovely, I like Ikea too, though am normally too busy shopping to sit down, relax and drink coffee ;0) Reminds me, we need to go back, yet more things to buy that are on our Ikea list, hope you are having a nice weekend, and thank you for your lovely comment, here is to my next 11 years of marriage :0)



  5. I too love a sweet and creamy cup of coffee.:o) My dear sister is another who loves Starbucks! Our local McDonald's are now serving delicious coffees and it seems to be pretty popular, but they do not yet have a coffee bar. I'm pretty sure a coffee bar will not be to far off in the future. Coffee drinkers will love it!:o)

    Happy week to you!



  6. What a lovely looking coffee shop, thanks for sharing this i need to get there soon.