Tuesday, October 12, 2010


On September 1th it was 25 years ago I started working. It was my first job and also my last (so far), as I am still working for the same company.

It may not be a sign of flexibility and mobility to work for the same employer for such a long time. I am a civil servant, when I started working that meant a job for life. Nowadays you can’t be sure of anything, so I am very grateful I have a job.

Anyway, as I was in Lugano on September 1th there wasn’t much celebrating done. I don’t remember what we did on that  day. We probably went into town and had a large ice cream. We did that a lot you know!

My employer however paid more attention to my little jubilee. I was offered a dinner with my colleagues and some guests. We went to a wok restaurant in my home town,

I had such a nice time, the company of colleagues and friends was great and the food was delicious.


A colleague made a poem about me, something about my love for computers, traveling and H. My boss is reading it to me. The colleague on te far left also had his jubilee.


There were 46 of us.

H. and my sister were present as well (ofcause). As my mother in law needs a walking aid (and eating in a wok restaurant  involves a lot of walking) I had dinner with my family in September in Mexican restaurant.

Even though I missed my mom I felt blessed.


P.S. In the Netherlands a wok restaurant works like this.

When you arrive, y ou are shown to your table,  you order a drink  and then you are left on your own. You go to a buffet,  grab a dish which you fill with all kinds of raw ingredients (meat or fish and vegetables). Then you go to another counter, choose the sauce and then everything is wokked for you (and put on a clean plate). After you made your choice from the buffet (fried rice, noodles etc) you return to your table and enjoy. After you finished your plate, it is removed from the table and everyting starts all over again, and again, and again, There are also soups and deserts. One colleague returned 5 (yes five) times.


  1. Happy Anniversary! How lovely they celebrated it with you. Congratulations x

  2. nou meid, proficiat, dat mag gevierd worden, das heel wat 25 jaar. En dat je in goed gezelschap zoiets viert is alleen leuk. Je bent aan het genieten dat zie je. :))

  3. Congratulations!!
    This looks like a fantastic day.. and how lovely that they wrote a poem about you! :)

    I hope all has been well with you.. I have been thinking of you.. and have wanted to chat.

    Chad's parents just got back from a European tour.. and I was SOOO excited to talk with them about everywhere they visited.
    ~ After hearing about downtown Amsterdam.. I admit.. I am terrified to visit! ~ We'll have to chat! :) XO

  4. 25 years is a huge committment. Well done you. Congratulations.

    I love the sound of the wok place. What a terrific idea.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. It was really sweet of you.
    Just so you know there's a giveaway on my blog today and I'd love for you to enter.

  5. Well done and congratulations, looks like everyone had a brilliant day!