Monday, September 20, 2010

{A room with a view}

One of the reasons (maybe the most important one) we use Hotel Fischer in Lugano is the breathtaking view from the backside of the hotel. I love sitting there and take everything in.

lug2 This photo was taken from the terrace of the hotel’s restaurant.

This year we were really spoiled with the weather, we had great weather for 12 out of 14 days.

But is was on the other 2 days I realized that the view was beautiful under every weather conditions. Here are some more pics. It is always the same view but under different conditions.


The mountains really give you a perspective. The clouds are really low. The mountain (Monte San Salvatore) is only about 900m.


It rains when it pours.


I am really proud of what my little camera is capable of. I love this picture.
It is a raining and the sun is shining at the same time “around the corner”. There was a rainbow on the opposite side.


This photo was taken about half an hour later.


In the morning (about half an hour before we went home).

Hotel Fischer is a nice little hotel. The owner Anita Fischer is a very friendly women, so is her staff. We felt at home from the first day of our first stay, 4 years ago. The hotel is located outside the town’s centre (3,5 km). You can’t park the car at the hotel, because there is only a footpath leading there. For this you are rewarded with peace and quiet (at least outside the season). In the evening you enjoy the view of the lights of Lugano in the distance and an amazing site of the stars above. The only thing you hear is the whispering of the water. I can recommend it!

As you can see I have returned to Live Writer on my laptop, it is so much better for blogging.

I love my iMac, altough I already had some trouble with it. Not with the Mac itself, it is in perfect working order, but the fact that the seller gave me an old model instead of the latest one. It is stupid, but I didn’t find out untill saturday morning.  I went to the shop, I have the choice to return it (in exchange for the new model) or they are going to re-emburse me. They will call me today. Unless it is an offer I can’t refuse, the Imac will be returned for the new model (which has a faster processor).  That means I have to remove everything I installed and the photo’s I uploaded from my camera and then install it again on the new iMac. Don’t you hate it when these things happens <sigh>.

Take care,


  1. Hoi Marianne,

    Wat een verschillende foto's van een en het zelfde plekje!!

    Je zat wel eerste rang wat dat betreft!!

    Sowieso...zee...zon...bergen, wat wil je nog meer. De perfecte vakantie!!

    Fijne week, groetjes Thea

  2. WOW! Such amazing photos!
    And isn`t the world a beautiful place?!


  3. Wow, what amazing photos! Just stunning, they really are. Who would have thought the same view could change so much?

    Good work taking back the iMac and getting the new one. It's frustrating but well worth it xx

  4. Beautiful photographs Marianne ... you have captured the changing sky and light so well.

    A nuisance about the computer but well worth the hassle in the end.

  5. What wonderful photographs, love them and I agree it's always a pain getting a new computer!