Monday, September 20, 2010

{My favourite bag}

Mary Poppins of the blog with the very same name blogged about her favourite bag. Her’s is a beautiful vintage tapestry bag. You should visit Mary’s blog, it is lovely. And Mary is very kind lady.

My favourite bag is not old. I am not sure as I didn’t buy it, it was my mom’s. She had great taste though, I loved it from the start.


I commented on Mary’s post and I told her about the bag and that I found it difficult to use it. I have this with so much of the items that belonged to her. Mary replied and asked me what my mom would have wanted. I know for sure she would want me to use it. So I will try to use it on special occasions.



I hope I don’t bore you with my stories about my mom. I am still very busy trying to come to terms with her sudden death. I guess I need some more time.

Take care,


  1. Ahhhhhh, what a lovely post Marianne.
    Your mum would be so touched that you use it, on special occasions only :0)It is a lovely bag, and looks very roomy. Yes you must use it, I bet it even has your mums lovely smell. Dont you worry about talking about and sharing memories of your mum, I think you should say what comes from your heart and hopefully in a way it helps you to talk about her.

    Love, as always

    M xxxx

  2. hoi meid, het is een vrij moderne tas, dat ie van je moeder was zie je er neit aan af, amar waarschijnlijk was je moeder een stuk jonger dan de mijne :)0 dus zeer modern, en dat je hem gebruikt vind ik heel normaal, en ook goed, je neemt haar al het ware mee. Om diezelfde reden blijven bij mij nog steeds de wiebelende bootjes voor de raam staan. dat was haar orientatepunt, en die gaan dus niet weg, bij die bootjes woonde ik, dus zo kan ze me altijd binden. meid, alle dingen die vergaan hebben tijd nodig om te verwerken, en krijgen zo een plaats in je elven, zodat verdriet plaats maakt voor gelukkig herinneringen. Missen zal altijd blijven. groetjes van Janine

  3. Marianne: It's good to share memories of your Mum - please continue to do so.

  4. Thank you so much Marianne for your special words. I agree we all react/cope differently, no right, wrong, we are who we are. I do think though losing someone so close, where memories have been made, a lifelong connection has been there, must be so so hard. With Joshua I have no real memory of who he was, his personality, what his loves in life were, my grief is very much based on what could have been, my hopes and dreams kind of thing.

    Hugs, as always and have been reding the lovely book you sent me, so beautiful and thank you so much for it.

    Mary xx