Friday, September 17, 2010

{A little update}

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Hello my friends!

I know it has been very quiet over here. We have been on vacation for 2 weeks, of cause to Lugano , Switzerland! Our home away from home. We had a lovely time, with lot's of sun. We both got a nice tan, only to come back to a cold and rainy Netherlands. Summer is over here!

It is nice to go on vacation, but it also nice to get back home again. We have been busy this last week of our vacation.

I bought the iMac to replace my old and slowwww desktop. I really love it, even though there are some things that are totally different from Windows. I won't be able to use Live Writer on my Mac, unless I install Windows on another partition or Microsoft releases a Mac version in the future. For the time being I'll us my laptop for blogging.
This post is made on Blogger itself, the old fashioned way. I still don't like it.

The front door is ready and will be installed next week on Wednesday. I have already seen it and it lovely! I can truly say I have a door nobody else has, which was on of my goals when I decided to buy a new front door. I will show some pics when it is installed.

For the rest of the time we have been cleaning the house, the garden, the car, our clothes. You remember I bought the front garden. The stairs and little wall were re-jointed (is that the right word?) We visited our relatives. Yesterday we went shopping in Aachen a german town about 25 km from here.

On Monday we have to get back to work, but only for 3 days, We will be off on Wednesday and Thursday.

Well, that is it for now.

Have a nice weekend!



  1. Hoi Marianne,

    Fijn dat je er weer bent!

    Al had je misschien beter daar kunnen blijven, wat het weer betreft dan!!

    Op vakantie gaan is leuk, maar thuis komen is minstens zo leuk!!
    Mooie foto zeg, met dat door kijkje!!Prachtig!

    Straks hadden we zon, maar nu regent het.Ik hoop dat het maar buien zijn!!

    Fijn weekend,geniet nog van je laatste vrije dagen!!

  2. hee meid, weer naar je favoriete stekje geweest :)) mooi en zalig toch, hier was het weer inderdaad pruimen dus laat maar veel foto's zien kunnen we een beetje nagenieten :)) fijn weekend, janine

  3. So pleased you had such a good holiday :)

    It's tricky getting used a Mac at first isn't it? But they are so much faster and crash less it's worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing your new front door, as I've just started looking for one too!

    Have a great weekend x

  4. Ohoo a mac, sounds a super purchase, I use a dusty olde desktop and have to say is very frustrating ;0) May have to go on a shopping spree soon. Ahhh I think you should use your dear wonderful mum's bag, hope you are finding some peace bet you miss her so very much. Don't know if it is an old/vintage one, but am sure it is very precious to you, must be a hard decision whether to use it or not though. What do you think your precious mum would think, would she want you to.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.

    Lots of love

    Mary xx