Monday, August 2, 2010

{Flea market finds}

Once a year, in August, there is flea market in my neighbourhood. I really love it, as I always find nice things there. I haven’t been to fleamarket a lot this year, only one a couple of months ago.

I visited the flea market on my own in the morning and again with my sister in the afternoon. I was found some really nice things.


These storage cans made by Brabantia, probably from the seventies. They have the same colour as my kitchen. Suiker = sugar, beschuit = rusk (there is a nice explanation of Dutch beschuit on Wikipedia) and koffie = coffee.


This heart I bought at the stall of one of my neighbours. I found out she hosts parties selling all kinds of nice home deco stuff (like tupperware parties). I have to have one of these parties next winter. The kettle in the back was my mom’s, I love the decor.

What about that giant zuchini. A collegue gave it to me, it is from her garden. This baby weighs 2.7 kg. We’ll be eating zuchini for a long time LOL


Three mini perfume bottles for my collection.


I also bought a purse by Kipling. Kipling really has nice stuff.

I steered away from bags and china. I have enough bags for every day of the week and I stored some of my mom’s china in the attic because I don’t have enough space to display it.

If you like to read another story on flea market finds head over to my namesake Marianne's blog Songbird. She found some really beautiful French ephemera.

Have a nice week and don’t work too hard.


  1. heej Marianne,

    mooi dingen en vondste en emaille items naar mijn hart:-))

    lieve groetjes Irma

  2. What great finds!
    Wish we could shop together.. I KNOW we would have fun!
    Enjoy your week! XO