Sunday, August 22, 2010


It has been a bit quiet here lately. I didn’t want the pressure of producing a blog post on a regular basis, that is why I am taking time off.  I am reading your blogs though. I really love that.



Talking about reading…..

I recently discovered e-reading. I didn’t buy an e-reader though but installed Kindle on my iPhone and laptop. I wanted to read a book I found on Amazon, since it is all text and no pics I downloaded it to read on my computer. It is a book about introversion.  If you are an introvert you should give it a try. It is very enlightening.

I also discovered an app for my iPhone (and for iPads) that enables me to read magazines.
Yesterday I downloaded Pottery Barn’s latest catalogue. Ofcause the screen is too small to enjoy reading magazines on it. But I really like it that I am able to see PB’s catalogues as they don’t send anything outside the US. They even don’t  allow us take a peak on their site (although there are ways to get around that).
I also downloaded Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle.

Even thoughI love to hold a book or a magazine, and I will continue buying books and mags, I think e-reading is the future.

So, what is next an e-reader (device) or an iPad?

We’ll see ;-)

Have a nice week!

P.S. My friend will return form another visit to the U.S. soon, she will buy some magazines for me before boarding. Yippeee!


  1. Hi Marianne ~ My husband has the Nook from Barnes and Noble and loves it! Then my 11 year old saved his money to buy his own because he was "tired of borrowing dads". While I have the Archos with a couple of e-books, have some on my laptop, and read some on the Nook I still love my hard covered treasures and magazines :-)
    Take care ~ Rebecca
    P.S. Love Pottery Barn catalogs!

  2. hee meid, take the time you need, we moeten niks, mogen alles, niet waar? aha je bent an e reading, das niks voor mij, te klein, :)) maar het is de toekomst dus wie weet, mot ik er toch ooit aan geloven :)) fijne uit tijd marianne

  3. Bedankt voor je bezoekje! Ik ben nog niet aan de e-reading toe, maar je weet maar nooit. Lieve groet, @nne

  4. Bedankt voor de tip over de iphone ap. Die kende ik nog niet!

  5. I'm getting my very first laptop soon. It is expensive to download books? I love to read. It would be wonderful to be able to download them instead of buying actual copies.