Sunday, July 18, 2010

{Sunday Morning}

Another quiet Sunday morning. I am enjoying it on my own, as H. has to work.

Here are some photo’s  of our garden I made today and earlier this week.


We planted 2 Hibiscus last year. The bleu Hibiscus is blooming, the pink one is not. I don’t know why, maybe she is taking a break. Plants often do, she will probably bloom again next year.




Our lavender has bloomed a lot this year. It is filled with insects  and butterflies visit it regularly.


I found out this morning that the bumble bees spend the night at their working place. If you want to take a photo, get up early while they are still in-active.


We had some (thunder) storms in the past week. It didn’t always look as nice as this though. We had to prune our catalpa as most of the branches had broken off during a storm. Fortunately there is no permanent damage. I hate the look though.


Our grass looked awful after the winter. It turned out well with the help of some dried cow dung LOL.

No need to say I am pretty happy with our little garden. We enjoy sitting outside looking at the plants and to take care of everything (H. does the majority of the work though).



  1. I'm home alone as well. Have a nice sunday, @nne

  2. hoi meid, de begin foto's konden allen uit mijn tuin komen, ik heb dezelfde planten :)) alleen mijn nibiscus bloeit nog niet, die lucht foto is prachtig!!! toch nog iets moois na de storm :)) fijne zondag meid, liefs van mie, Janine

  3. Thank you for the tour of your garden ... I love the photo of the sky!

  4. The Hibiscus are beautiful, I've never tried to grow them as I always think of them being tropical. So lovely to see them in your garden! And how beautiful is that shot of the sun behind the clouds? Just gorgeous x