Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Much ado about nothing}

The Dutch heir to the throne Prince Willem-Alexander and his lovely wife Princess Maxima bought a piece of land in Africa (Mozambique) a couple of years ago and built a house on it.  Unfortunately for them (political) problems arose last year and they decided to sell the property once it was finished.

Today an article appeared in Algemeen Dagblad with photo’s of the house that were copied (as I did) from the real estate agent’s site.

I can understand why the royal couple would like to spend their vacation there. The house is beautiful and the view is breathtaking.








  1. hoe kom je daar aan meid? is dat echt het huis?? Ach ik denk maar zo, die hebben geld zat om ergens anders in een andere tijd weer een huis te bouwen, ik vind het goed dat ze hebben meoten stoppen, terwijl de hele wereld in recessie zit, kopen zij een huis onder malafide omstandigheden, een andere rijkaard zal het huis vast wel kopen. ;)) wat voor jou? hahaaa

  2. Very, Very beautiful!!

    I would LOVE to have that view!

    It was so nice to hear from you today.. it really made me happy.

    Yes.. no news is good news with my Dad. I appreciate you asking. He will finish this round of Chemo in September.. and then we are all going to vacation in California together. I feel very grateful for this... and his health so far.
    Thank you for asking about him.. that means a lot to me...

    I want to Skype with you!! I promise we won't be on long.. so you don't have to worry.. but then it would be REAL! -- You know?!

    I talk so much.. there would be no worries about boredom.. lol!

    I hope you are enjoying your summer! XO ~ Ann