Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{Lost in translation}

I like that title, even though it has nothing to do with my post LOL.

The weather has been great this past week, almost tropical. My PC has problems staying cool, the fan that cools the processor is doing overtime and making a hell of a noise. At some point it really gets annoying, so I don’t use it much. Unforatunately my laptop stopped working about a week ago after installing an update. I wasn’t able to restore Vista, so I had to re-install it. And everything else… Fortunately no data was lost.

My desktop really is at the end of it’s life span. As you know I want to buy an Apple this time, a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini has had an overhaul and is now more expensive (a 45% price increase, no less) . If I take a memory upgrade, a key board  and a mouse as I planned, I might as well buy a whole new computer. So now I have my eyes on an iMac. I hope they don’t do an upgrade before I buy it…….

We are about to order the new front door. We received a very favorabel offer, but the offer mentioned the wrong glass panels. We are waiting for the new offer. After that, all we can do is wait, for about 10 weeks.  I had a hard time getting the door I wanted. A little while ago I showed you a photo of a door by Obst. I decided I wanted that door in dark red (RAL 3005), which turned out to be a bit of a problem. But not anymore. I will show you some pics when the door is installed.

Well, you are now a bit up to date about what I have been up to.

Take care,



P.S. I had to “steal” this picture from my Tumblr blog, I don’t have photo’s on my laptop yet. I took this pic with my iPhone. The cups belonged to my mom, she bought them a fleamarket. I love the color, they are a light shade of pink inside.

rose kopjes


  1. Wonderful cups. Last week I was looking for romantic cups with roses for my breakfast tea. I found them ... thanks to your lovely blog. Sincerely, @nne

  2. gut meid wat een elende met je pc, koop een nieuwe zou ik haast zeggen, is dat niet gemakkelijker :)) maare je kopjes zijn weer erg mooi, ik moet toch eens wat vaker kijken of ik niet zoiets ergens zie :))) doeiiiiii

  3. Poor you and all those computer problems ((HUGS)) The Mac Mini is a good choice, I thought about getting one but ended up getting a MacBook Pro in the end.

    I love your Mother's cups they are so pretty - just gorgeous xx