Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Residence (French pronunciation) is a Dutch interior decoration magazine.

elegance 001
I tried it for 6 issues, but I don’t think I will take a full subcription. Most of it too modern (look at the cover above) and too high end  for me. This last issue was more to my taste though. Here are some pictures.

elegance 005

Sorry for the glare on the photo’s. elegance 002

Very nice couch!

elegance 003

Feng Shui in a home in Copenhagen. Not bad, even though it is modern!

 elegance 004

I’d love to have a fire place!

elegance 006

Love this house. I like wooden houses and the color is great. For sale for only
€ 2.500.000 ($ 3.300.000).


Photo’s: copyright their respective owners.


  1. OOOHH its for nothing
    i have it in the pocket!!!
    I come and visite you en we bay it!!!
    Have a verry nice and dreamy day.

  2. das toch een koopje meid, moet je toch kunne kopen neit dan???? hahahahahaa, meid wat mooi dat je fotos zo breed zijn, dan komt alles echt beter uit, je blog wordt steeds mooier, en da moeilijk want hij is al mooi :))) groetjes van mie