Saturday, April 17, 2010

{knob knob,… who’s there?}

I love Ikea. And I am lucky, because there is an Ikea few kilometers from my home. I love going there. Just to take a look and have the free coffee ;-)

Naturally I am a member of Ikea Family. A few weeks ago every member received a € 5 giftcertificate. I convinced H. to become a member too, so I had 2 gift certificates.
If you would have told H. he would become a Ikea Family member one  day, he would have told you that you are nuts. That is the good influence I have on him. At least that is what I keep telling him LOL

Anyway I remember an old wish to replace the knobs of an old wooden drawer in our bedroom with Lindsdal knobs. At the time € 15 (I needed 5 packages of 2 knobs) seemed too much to spend on just knobs on an old drawer, so I never did. Now I am glad Ididn’t.

Today I replaced the knobs. What do you think! Pretty cute huh!

kast en tuin 031

BTW, how do you like my “new” blog?  I am still working on it.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. The tulips in our garden are blooming.



  1. Heb IKEA in Groningen en ben ook family lid hihi. Scheelt toch weer, of niet dan! Mooie knoppen zo :)

  2. dat ik je nieuwe blog mooi vind dat weet je inmiddels, :)) en die knopjes enig, ik vind ikea ook erg leuk, het moest alleen niet zo groot zijn hahahahaha, fijn weekend nog meid,

  3. Hoi Marianne,

    Nee ik vind Ikea een vreselijke winkel!! Mijn man vind hem wel leuk!!

    Je blog ziet er mooi uit, heel anders ja!!

    Die tulp is een plaatje, je ziet het spul groeien waar je bijstaat. Op dit moment!! Geniete er van, dat doe ik ook!!

    Fijne zondag verder, groetjes Thea

  4. I love the new look of your blog!

    I wonder if Ikea is the same there.. as it is here?? Because I don't really love it. It's kinda too contemporary for my taste.

    I admit.. I have only been there once.. and wasn't so impressed.. so I haven't been back. Maybe I should give it a second look?

    If nothing else.. I want to try the swedish meatballs. :)

    Hope your weekend was Happy!