Saturday, April 24, 2010

{Elly’s Ashes}


My mother had some specific wishes about her funeral. Amongst others she wanted her body to be cremated, the ashes to be scattered at the same place as my dad’s.

His ashes were scattered in large gardens behind the crematorium.  The gardens are beautiful, with plants and trees. It is beside a forrest. It is peacefull and you can hear the birds sing. Whenever we visited dad we used to sit on a bench, she enjoyed being there.

Yesterday my sister and I scattered her ashes there. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were accompanied by H., my mother in law, H’s sister and her husband. It was good not to be alone.

Although I am coping with my mom’s death, I have been feeling like the tree in our garden that we pruned last fall. Somebody chopped off a large part of me.

catalpa 001

If you take a closer look at the picture you can see that the tree has buds, where new branches will grow in the next week. Nature is resilient….

… am I.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Weet je wat IK zie in die boom?? God's open Handen Die je moeder verwelkomen in haar nieuwe Thuis.


  2. ach meid, ik kan me zo goed je gevoel voorstellen, en wat princes hierboven zegt is erg mooi, koester de mooie herinneringen meid, en neem de tijd, ik denk aan je, liefs van mij, Janine

  3. Is cremation what most people do there? Or was it just your parents wishes? I have just wondered.. :)

    I liked this post.. very good analogy with the tree.. I think we all can relate. :)

    I have missed you.. and wondering when we are going to Skype. I was hoping this weekend.. maybe Sunday??

  4. Hoi Marianne,

    Ik zie dit berichtje nu pas.

    Dat lijkt me idd heel erg moeilijk, goed dat je samen was met mensen die om je geven.

    En die boom, ja daar zie ik ook wel wat in.
    Marian heeft dat goed gezien!!

    Lieve groetjes Thea

  5. Marianne

    Just catching up with your blog.

    As far as you and the pruned tree are concerned, I would also say that the tree has roots and your roots, I think, are your Mum.

    May the new branches grow slowly but surely.