Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On the 1th of March was the meteorological beginning of …..

aankopen en rozen 079

These lovelies are blooming in our front garden.



This is in the back yard, where there is less sun.


These snow drops are a donation of H.’s sister from her garden. We trans)planted them last autumn.

And here are some pics I took inside.

aankopen en rozen 008

aankopen en rozen 071-pola

blauwe druifjes

aankopen en rozen 014

Can you tell I love roses?

Take care,

P.S. We had a storm on Saturday and it is freezing during the night.
But, who cares…..;-) At least there is no snow!


  1. Your flowers are lovely!!
    Inside and out!

    I seriously need to plant some crocus and other beauties like you have so I have blooms already!

    PS: We still don't have Skype yet. The headphones were on back order.. so I'll let you know when we are up! :)

    Have a great day Marianne! :)

  2. OH die rozen, schitterend. Ja ook ik ben helemaal dol op rozen, vooral roze - alle tinten zijn mooi. En de andere bloemetjes die opkomen...heerlijk lente :)

  3. your pictures are so lovely, the snowdrops so cute.
    I love the spring.

    greetings from Irmaxxx

  4. Heej Marianne,

    Geweldig mooi zijn die eerste bloemtjes he! Als je goed kijkt zie je er telkens meer verschijnen, het gaat heel snel nu!!

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Thea

  5. i can smell the roses!!!!!

    Your pics make me so happpy! They are so full off spring and hope!

    here in sweden the snow is still a meter high and the temperature vas under minus 12 yesterday.


    it's March for god sake!

    Hoppas att du får en fin söndag!