Thursday, February 4, 2010

{Ljus o Landligt}

I had this post ready and lined up for publication when my mom died. I removed it from Blogger before it was published.

I decided it is time to go with my (blog) life. That doesn’t mean that I won’t mention my mom anymore. I just think it is time for some posts in a lighter mood. Thanks to Live Writer I was able to retrieve it, so here it is…..

I celebrated my …th birthday in December.

H. bought me two lovely gifts for me.

ljus och landligt 006

The Swedish book Ljus o Landligt by Anna Örnberg has been on my wishlist for a couple of months. I saw some pics of it on the internet and was able to flick through a copy last summer. I almost ordered it at a Swedish book site, but was able to buy a copy from Gerda of Idémakeriet in november. Gerda is a Dutch living in Sweden. She asked a relative to take it home and mail it to me. That reduced shipping costs considerably.
People, this book is gorgeous. It has the style I really love. Scandinavian with white, wood and a splash of color. Even H. likes it, so there is still hope….;-)

ljus och landligt 007

ljus och landligt 008

ljus och landligt 010

ljus och landligt 011

ljus och landligt 012

ljus och landligt 014 
Photo book: copyright their respective owners.

I am sorry for the bad photo’s. I didn’t want to damage the book by putting it on the scanner.

This little olive tree is H. other gift. We keep it in our bed room until spring. It’s cool and light there.

ljus och landligt 001

Yep and it even has….olives. I can tell you, they taste awful when they are raw. I tried one….

ljus och landligt 004

I don’t know what I would have done without H. in the past month. He was there for me every minute of the day. I am so grateful that he is in my life.

Take care,



  1. I am grateful for H too.. ( that he is taking care of you.. )
    I know how crutial it is to have some one by your side in dark times..

    What a wonderful book! Pure eye candy.. and I know I'd love it even if I can't "read" it! ha-ha

    When is your birthday in December?
    I lost my blog-friend birthday list and it's killing me that I have to start over.
    Please let me know!

    I am grateful for you--my far away friend! I hope your day is sunny and bright! :)

  2. Hello Dear Marianne,

    When losing someone as dear as a Mother one needs moments of silence, time to restore. The sweet memories my dear Mother left daily makes me smile, hang on to them tightly.

    The book is beautiful! I love beautiful books, they speak to you any language. Enjoy!



  3. Wow, die olijf is prachtig!! Die wil ik ook nog een keer eentje kopen!

    Fijne zondag,

    groetjes Thea

  4. I agree!!

    That book is great!!

    Ha en finfin vecka!
    Nu hoppas vi på lite sol eller hur?



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  6. I know it's in December.. but do not have the exact date! Please?

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  8. oh dat ziet er inderdaad erg mooi uit, geen woord lezen kunne wat er staat maat de plaatjes zijn geweldig niet waar? en je moet ook geen rijpe olijven eten, je moet die eerst laten rusten....... geloof ik hahahahaha, beidewei, het staat erop he, je mot wel ff naar bnee scrollen :)) groetjes van mie

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  10. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    I'm glad you've had someone at your side through such a difficult time... something to rejoice in today on Valentine's Day.

    I have a birthday in December too!

    I love the book ... full of light ... may your days be full of light too.

    Sandie xx