Friday, February 26, 2010

{almost done}

After my mother died we decided to take our time with cleaning out her house. Today the last thing was done. My mom was a (heavy) smoker. The owner of the apartment insisted on having the ceiling painted white. Which was done today.

On Monday the apartment will be inspected and we will hand over the keys. After that we will never be able to return to our mother’s home, the place she passed away. An awkward and painful thought. On the other hand the apartment building is on my route into the centre of town. I am not sure yet how I will cope with that. I guess I have to toughen up a little.

I would like to stress though that I am fine. Sad and still mourning, but fine.

This little Wedgewood box belonged to my mom (and everything included). Her rosery is beautiful. I love the little light bulbs for Christmas tree lights she kept.

mamma's doosje

Have a nice weekend!

Take care,


  1. zo herkenbaar meid, ik weet dat mijn zoon zei, 'nu ben je wees mam' en dat is het helemaal, we zijn nu weeskindjes, en dat is niet makkelijk, ik denk aan je meid, dikke knuffel van mie

  2. IDD heel herkenbaar. Toen onze mam net was overleden (ze zat de laatste 2 weken in een huis voor zwaar demente mensen, ik kon de verzorging voor haar meer aan)moest ik naar de stad, op de fiets. Ik MOEST langs het huis, er is geen andere weg. OH wat was dat moeilijk, heb zelfs mn hoofd omgedraaid en zat hardop te janken op de fiets.

    Dikke knuffel en veel sterkte met het huis ♥♥

    Liefs van Marian

  3. Hello Dear Marianne,

    Those are indeed the sweetest little red lights and I know you will cherish the beautiful rosery forever. Mother's have a way of leaving us with the most beautiful memories, hold on to them tightly. I am keeping you sweet friend in my prayers.



  4. Such a sad time.. and very hard to go through. :(

    I love that those little treasures remind us of those that mean so much--but have traveled on.

    Drive past the building and smile.. she has moved on.. and is much happier I'm sure. :)