Friday, January 22, 2010


Last Monday we started cleaning out my mom’s apartment. The first day was very painfull and I felt physically sick. Then I decided that I needed to be strong, take courage, for my own sake  and for my mom.

Amongst the things I brought home is this small bell. 


I must have been 5 or 6 years old. It was before my mom’s birthday and  I wanted to “buy” for her, so she took me into town. We went from shop to shop to buy something I really liked (me not her). Ofcause I didn’t have money so she also had to pay for the bell. On our way home I asked her: “Mom, do you remember what I bought you” She said: “No, what did you buy me, I forgot”.
I don’t remember the entire story, my mom must have told me a thousand times. I do remember walking home feeling happy that I bought something nice for my  mom.



  1. Wat een mooi verhaal heb je bij dat belletje. Ik wens jou en je zus nogmaals veel sterkte in deze tijd, gelukkig hebben jullie samen veel goede herinneringen en hopelijk zijn die je nu een beetje tot troost.

  2. What a sweet.. sweet story.
    I know exactly what you mean about being sick. The first time I walked into my Grandmothers apartment.. I burst into tears and felt ill. Things were just as she had left them.. and she wasn't there. We were extremely close.
    I still miss her alot.

    Her treasures.. and the Ceder Chest I inherited from her.. are just "things" but those things make me feel close to her. --Like she's with me in a way. That's why I love heirlooms so much.. so I can feel many of the people that have passed on.. still around me.

    My thoughts are still with you my dear friend. Know that you are still in my prayers.
    Enjoy your treasures. XO

  3. wat en mooi verhaal, het helpt nu verhalen vertellen, moet je ook gewoon veel doen, we luisteren graag naar je. Liefs van mij, ennnnne, die bel, is prachtig.

  4. oh, it must be so horrible for you!

    I'm so sorry, Marianne!!!

    My best whishes and love