Thursday, January 28, 2010


My mother was an avid collector of angels. She gave away most of them when she moved to the apartment, but she did keep some in a small cabinet.

engeltjes mamma

The cabinet is one of 2 pieces of furniture I took home. Ofcause the angels are included, although most of them will be kept in a box in the attic. This is what the cabinet looks like now.

kastje 003I put a coffee service in it that belonged to my grandmother and the red transferware I collected (so far). On the top shelf there are some personal belongings of my mom and there is some room for a few angels. I wil put them there once my sister has made her choice.

On top of the cabinet is a little angel by Susan Lordi. This is a close up.

LordiIt was sent to me (along with a box of See’s Candy) by Ann Marie of An Old Fashion girl when she learned of my mothers passing. Enclosed where 2 beautiful cards. Ann Marie is an angel herself. Unfortunately Ann Marie is going through a difficult time herself, her dad is seriously ill. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ann Marie.

We are almost done going through my mother’s personal things. When we’ve finished the difficult part starts, saying goodbye to the things we are not keeping. I may sound strange, but it is like loosing her again. Only it is in bits and pieces this time.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. oei wat heb je nu hier boven staan, amar snel weggoien denk ik, maar goed, je hebt gelijk die spullen weg doen is zwaar, soms denk ik wel eens had ik amar, maar ja, das altijd naderhand praten, je kastje vind ik erg mooi, en als ik zou een paar engeltjes ergens neer zetten, zo blijft er nog iets meer van haar in je huis, liefs van mij

  2. What a lovely collection to remember your mother by - they are gorgeous. ((HUGS)) xx

  3. Marianne-

    I am so grateful you posted what you kept from your mother. I would love to see the other piece as well.. How awesome that she collected angels.. and I sent you one too! :) I hope she didn't have that one already.. so you have 2!

    I love what you put inside the cabinet. Your transferware is so pretty.

    Did you like the sees? Or was it too rich? It's the thought that counts right?

    I am grateful for your friendship. I am grateful for the sweet messages you have given me this last week.. and I am grateful that you care enough about me to follow my Dad's progress on his blog.
    You are a great woman.

    I hope you are OK.. and I still think of you and your sorrows.
    XO ~ Ann Marie

  4. Oh Marianne!
    Of course it's ok to leave messages! I cried as I read your sweet message to my parents.
    We are very fortunate to have met each other through blogging.. and I am sure it will happen again one day in person my friend!
    Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day! XO ( Hugs! )