Friday, December 4, 2009


We visited Paris last weekend. I lost count of how many times I’ve been there, but Paris is a beautiful town and there is always something new to see.

We are lucky to live so close to so many nice cities. Paris is only about 450km. We always book a citytrip with a bus. This way you don’t have to worry about getting there and booking a nice hotel. We always use the same buscompany and they have nice hotels.
And I love staying in nice hotels ;-)

Parijs december 2009 019

How nows what this landmark is called? Stupid question ofcause. There is me somewhere on the pic. It was nice weather on Friday as you can see.

Parijs december 2009 035

Champs Elyssees. With the Arce de Triomphe on the distance.

Parijs december 2009 056

Every evening at 6.30 there is a small service to commemorate those fallen during a war. The Arc was built by Napoleon to celebrate his victories over the “enemy”. On the pilars are the names of the cities he conquered.

Parijs december 2009 072

Versailles. We didn’t go inside. Versailles has a nice town with a beautiful market and lovely shops. If you take a closer look at the building you can see that the guilding has been renewed.

Parijs december 2009 099

Galeries Lafayette with the giant Christmas tree. The decor is beautiful.

Parijs december 2009 120

Inside the Notre Dame! There was a mass (1st advent) but the sight seeing went on.

Parijs december 2009 129

The view from a cafe near the Notre Dame.

Parijs december 2009 131

This beautiful art deco building is near the Hotel de Ville (town hall). I think it is beautiful. It says Epicerie de France. There are apartments inside.

Parijs december 2009 140

starbucks mug

And this is the souvenir I bought LOL. It has the size of a small buckett. I love Starbucks and there are plenty in Paris.

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I think visiting Paris at Christmas time would be wonderful. I get as close as... Chicago???

  2. hmm het is een heerlijke stad he, Parijs. Wow. Ik hoop er ook weer eens naar toe te gaan.


  3. Geweldig mooi is het daar!! Ik was er nog nooit in de winter!!
    Maar ik zeg al een hele tijd dat ik er weer eens naar toe wil!!

    Leuke mok....ik dacht heel even dat je daar speculaas bij de koffie kreeg!!! Hihihi....beetje dom!!

    Fijn Sint weekend, met veel kadootjes of moet je wachten op de Kerstman?

  4. Ik heb ook nog altijd een tripje naar Parijs te goed. Het wordt pas mijn tweede bezoek.
    Dus alle tips over wat ik moet gaan zien en welke hotels goed zijn, zijn meer dan welkom.
    Groetjes en alvast een fijn weekend.

  5. Marianne,

    Just read your post, Paris is such a nice city with wonderful architecture. I just wrote about it yesterday in my favourite places post. I have a photo of the Eiffel tower at night time. I bet it is lovely there at Christmas time.

    All things nice...

  6. I love your photos!
    It's on my list of "to visit" one day for sure!!!

    So.. when are you coming to the states? Utah is Beautiful!! -- One of the most beautiful places ever to visit.. it has many national parks.. beautiful mountains.. LOTS to see... and ME! ha-ha.. Most people just think Utah is all about Mormons.. but really.. you need to come and bring a VERY large suitcase for all of the Antique and flea market shopping for CHEAP. :) Come on.. let's go shopping! Talk your BF into it.. PLEASE?? he-he..

  7. I hope to go to Paris someday. Thanks for sharing your photographs. They are all lovely especially the one with a souvenir mug.

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous christmas tree! We have not been to Paris since pre-kids, must visit again soon! Now there's a high-speed train between Suttgart and Paris... only about 3 hours

  9. Gorgeous photos ~ would love to visit...someday. For now will have to enjoy through your visits and photos and wait to hear more from a friend who will be traveling there after Christmas. :-)