Tuesday, December 15, 2009


iPhoneography is the art of taking photo’s with the camera in an iPhone. Well, in my case it is not art, but snapshots.

Although the camera that comes with the iPhone has somewhat limited capabilities there are some stunning examples of iphone photo’s that can be found on the internet.

Valerie Ardini is an Italian photographer living in the Netherlands.Six months ago she started a project, taking pictures with an iPhone (and the help of some apps) every day. If you are interested to see her pics, visit her site. (there is a Dutch and English version, the link is to the English version).

If you are interested in seeing more iphone photo’s and reading more about iphoneograhphy you should visit iphoneography.com

Image 20091213103127

I took this photo of our Christmas tree with my iPhone this weekend. I actually took 2 pics and merged them with an app named Autostich. I love my toy…..;-)


P.S. I recently received an invitation for Google Wave. I can “nominate” (that is what Google calls it) other people to receive an invitation. Please let me know if you are interested. Just leave comment with your e-mail address or send me an e-mail (link on left hand bar).
Now I have to find out what I can do with Google Wave LOL


  1. Pretty tree!
    I bet it's even prettier in person.. I just don't think camera's do justice.. :)

    I am so computer illiterate.. I don't even know what Google wave is...

  2. Einen hübschen Baum hast du für uns da eingefangen liebe Marianne,
    eine interessante Technik, leider kenne ich mich mit so etwas nicht aus, aber du hast uns ja auch gleich einen Link dazu mitgeschickt.

    Dir und deiner Familie wünsche ich von Herzen noch eine frohe Adventszeit und ein gesegnetes, glückliches Weihnachtsfest

    mit lieben Grüßen

  3. What a beautifully decorated Christmas tree ... excellent photo!

    Happy Christmas.