Friday, December 11, 2009

{ Christmas decorations}

Christmas decorations start to sneak into the house.  A little while ago I bought these red wooden letters N O E L at
Vintage Amethyst. I put them away to use later this month as it clearly isn’t Christmas yet. But I really love them so I used them in the kitchen.

kerst 024

kerst 012

Poinsettia’s are a tradition at Christmas over here. We call them Christmas stars.  It is strange really as it is a tropical plant. I remember my mom bought them every year when I was a child, but somehow they never made it to Christmas. I hope these do.

kerst 023

I make an advent wreath every year. The wreath is ready made when I buy it, I add some things like the candle’s and the small baubles.

kerst 028

These are Christmas geraniums.
Just kidding LOL. We planted these last May and they survived so far due to good weather conditions ans a sunny spot. They other geraniums we had to throw away in October.

Have a nice weekend and 3rd advent!


Blogged for Violet Posy who is hosting The Christmas Decoration Tour Carneval

and for Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.


  1. What a lovely post. We too have poinsettias for Christmas and I remember the first time I saw them growing in the ground in The Canary Islands - they were HUGE - about 6 feet tall. I haven't seen them in the same way since then!

  2. Love your decorations!
    That shelf is DARLING!

    I hope my poinsettia makes it all of the way to Christmas too! :)

  3. Thank you, everything looks so charming.
    Your poinsettias are beautiful and that shelf is so sweet.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Good health and much happines to you.

  4. So pretty, I love that shelf, just gogeous. The Poinsettias are lovely - I might have to get one for our dining room

  5. Hello Marianne!

    Beautiful decorations! My dear sweet Mother loved the poinsettia, such a lovely flower. Christmas Stars, I like that.:o)

    Wishing you the most beautiful Christmas ever.:o)



  6. Hi, found your blog via Violet Posy,it's beautiful. Have a lovely Christmas, Suze.