Sunday, December 20, 2009

{Christmas Decoration II}

Here are some photo’s I made in my home in this past week.

Kerst 2009 012

It is hard to make a decent picture of a christmas tree.

Kerst 2009 001 Our nativity scene. The statues are my grandmother’s.  The stable is a present from H. mom. My father in law’s brother made it for her. Now that my father in law has passed away she chose not to display all the statues, so she gave us the stable. I really love it.
My mother in law is the best.

Kerst 2009 003

 Kerst 2009 045This is a stand to display baubles. I also put a light in it.
The bauble in the box is a gift (from many years ago) from my longtime friend Marina. She lives in the North of Sweden. We recently restored contact, which is great!

Kerst 2009 047

Well, I hope you will have a nice few days before Christmas.
Don’t get too stressed out!



  1. ziet er goed uit bij jullie, geselli, hier ligt de sneeuw zo hoog, dat we niet eens het huis uit komen :)) minder geselli, maarja, dan blijven we doch drinnen. :)) gruse aus siberie.

  2. Hi!

    I don't think it's that difficult to keep the hallway floor clean. To paint it in light grey was a test, I thought it would get dirty right away, but it doesn't! :)
    Maybe it will get worse when we get to summer...

    hugs from me

  3. I agree about the tree! Well.. most of my pictures actually never look like they do in the real life. I'm sure if I learned how to edit and lots of other things.. my stuff would look better!

    Love your decor! The glass dome is cute! I bet you'll have alot of fun decorating throughout the year with that one! XO