Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{ Christmas Cards}

Kerst 2009 040

This is my display for Christmas cards. It is filling up pretty well ;-)

I received two special cards I would like to show you. Both are from blog friends.

Kerst 2009 043 These two cards I received from Ann Marie of An Old Fashioned Girl. She lives far away from me and we are from completely different backgrounds, still we have become friends.
Thank you for your kind words, Ann Marie. You and your blog are an inspiration for me every single day.

Kerst 2009 041


Kerst 2009 042

This is a very special and original Christmas card made by
Jeany of Jeany in a Bottle. The words on the back are oh so true. Jeany decided to stop blogging a while ago. She is dearly missed I can tell you that. Thank you for this lovely card, Jeany.

Take care,


  1. I love Jeany's card! Tis true!!

    It's so weird to see my card in another part of the world! he-he..

    You are to kind saying such things.. I'm grateful we are friends also.. even though I am FAR from inspiring!

    Love your card holder!
    Hope your Christmas is the Merriest! Love you! XO

  2. Hoi Marianne,

    Ook ik wens je nog snel een paar heerlijke vredige en vooral liefdevolle dagen toe.

    En de kaart van Janine.......beeldig!! Bij ons hangt bijna dezelfde!!Hihihi...gek he!!

    Liefs Thea

  3. hee marianne, ik denk kijk ens ff verder kom ik mijn kaart tegen, hahahaha, leuk en wat een lieve woorden meid, maar ik heb goed nieuws voor je, bij brunnen ga ik nog ff verder, dus zoek je me, kun je me daar vinden. :)) liefs van mij.