Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{Christmas @ Country Living UK}

Here are some scans from Country Living UK. It is absolutely different from Ariadne and also very different from the next magazine I will show you,  Jeanne D’Arc Living. If you click on the picture a larger version will show up. Use the back button in your browser to return to this page.


CL 001

CL 002

CL 003

CL 004

CL 005

CL 006

Today was the first day of my vacation. Unfortunately autumn finally arrived, it rained all day. We went to a fashion outlet in the afternoon. H. bought some shirts and I was a good girl, I didn’t buy anything. I did see some nice bags though. But I have enough bags and…there still is a lot of time to spend money during this vacation so…..

Have a nice week and to myAmerican friends I also wish a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. That magazine is eye candy!
    I love country living..
    Funny.. I am doing a post on magazines very soon. ( Great minds think alike ) :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. It feels so comforting to know people are thinking of you a million miles away...

    Hope your week is lovely!!
    Happy Vacation! XO

  2. Was je in Roermond vandaag??

    Wij gaan er heel af en toe heen, omdat mijn man dat leuk vind. Ik niet, vind er niks aan!!

    En als het regnt al helemaal niet. Dan vind ik het centrum van Roermond veel leuker!

    Er staan leuke dingen in dat boekje. Mooi!!

    Vandaag is het weer ook al weer naatje!! Dan maar binnen wat leuks doen!!!

    Veel plezier!

  3. Hello Dear Marianne,

    I love country living magazine and this one is beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful Thanksgiving wish. Happy Day to you my friend.



  4. Hope you are ok after your vaccination.
    I tend to get a slight fever every time i get a vaccination. Ihope that didn't happen to you.

    Just want to whish you a happy advent!



  5. Sorry Marianne!
    it was me who posted that last comment. I just used my testblog username sorry!

    Hugs again!


  6. wat ik zocht, bedankt