Friday, October 30, 2009

{Crab Cacti}

We are the proad owners of 9 blooming
crab cacti. Two of them are white and 7 are red.
I can’t decide which color I like best.

crab cactus

crab cactus1

crab cactus2

crab cactus3

crab cactus5

crab cactus4

We put them outside in spring and take them in again
in autumn when they start budding. The flowers are beautiful.

Have a nice weekend!

It is Show and Tell Friday again over at Cindy’s blog
My Romantic Home.


  1. Here I think we call them 'November cactus' :)

    I can't decide either if the white our red one looks best, but it feels like white ones are not so common?
    Anyhow, they are both great!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Marianne!

    Your cacti are beautiful! I have never grown them but, I just might have to look into finding one. I really think thy are pretty!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. These are beautiful. I wonder what part of the world they are native to. I've got to look them up.

  4. Very pretty. I have one that is so piddly small it's pathetic.

    My Show n Tell is a slide show this week.

    Happy weekend, happy Halloween if you observe matter, just BE SAFE!

    CLICK HERE for my Show n Tell

  5. Wat staan ze mooi in de bloei! En ze zijn ook zo lekker makkelijk, dat is ook wel prettig. Ze zijn allebei mooi van kleur.
    Geniet ervan.
    Groetjes Antoinette.

  6. Crab cati, now that's a first for me. We call them Christmas Catus, becuase they bloom at Christmas here!

    I have several and love them.

    Yours are beautiful!

  7. I was going to say what Leann said.. We had one.. and it blooms every Christmas! But I killed it.

    I'm not so great with indoor plants... I need some work in that department!

  8. Those are gorgeous!! I love the white the best! I think I need to get one of those! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi: Thank you for your sweet comment. I own one of those beautiful flowers. I must confess, they do not look as pretty. Blessings, Martha

  10. Beautiful blooms! My parents have a very large cactus collection at their home in California, I know it is such a pleasure and treat when they bloom!

  11. Hi Marianne ~ i have long loved these plants, they're unusual and very pretty. Your collection is wonderful.
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment!
    xo, Kali

  12. Marianne these are beautiful! Such beautiful colors they are, so pretty. Enjoy!

    Wishing you and your family a most lovely weekend.

    By the way, how did you get those sweet little falling flurries on your blog, I love them.:o)