Sagittarius the Archer

If you are passionate about astrology or aspiring to become an astrologist, the right point to begin from is exploring numerous fields in the twelve signs. It is vital to understand their nature, challenges, and benefits and how beneficial they are to the normal lifestyle of every individual. Even if you are not an aspiring astrologist, the zodiac signs have been proven to have a link between human characteristics and their counterparts. As you venture into understanding different personalities, it is vital to grasp the basics of these signs as they come.

The Zodiac Signs

The twelve zodiac signs have a way of representing the zodiacal circle in twelve parts. Usually, these parts are equal beginning from the onset of the sun’s location to spring. It means that in the twelve zodiac signs, none is defined by the existence of the constellation. Often, the definition is appended to a pure, geometrical approach linked to the yearly seasons. According to the signs, every astrological constellation represents the onset, continuity, and the end of the season.

A Look at Different Signs

Zodiac signs work through an exceptional mechanism that incorporates the cardinal sign set to hold the breathe using fixed quality. Well, here is a breakdown of how the signs work with a careful look at Sagittarius the Archer. First off, the spring season comes with a plethora of Aries as the major sign. Full of bloom and charisma, Taurus takes over, and finally, Gemini takes the end of the season. The next cardinal sign is Cancer. This is often the onset of summer representation. The quality of these signs reflects the character of the personality and their ability to offer their services to the universe. Often associated with the planets and house cusps, these signs have a way of incorporating different characters with their habits and relations to each other.


Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is known for its Archer symbolism. Often described as half a man and half a horse, the symbol attempts to make itself free from the common man’s animal nature. According to astrology and its teachings, the centaur symbolizes the growth and development of human’s soul. It is projected that in Greek Mythology, these characters were not only brave and wise but also adventurous. In addition, they were thought to be brawling in addition to harboring conventionally traditional behavior. The right glyph for this sign depicts straightforwardness. It is an arrow dug into a slung bow. The glyph is often symbolic of the passion and quest for direction, the right bearing on life and a higher purpose filled with abundance.

Describing the Characters of Sagittarius

Sagittarius the Archer portrays the rising and setting of the sun from November 22 until December 21. This usually depends on the year. What makes these people tick? Restless and cheerful are just two of the most interesting characteristics that a Sagittarius possesses. Other aspects include friendly, cheer- givers, easygoing, teasing, and lovers of freedom.

In-depth Personality Description

More often, people who own up to this zodiac symbol have persistent faith in others. They enjoy warm, friendly meetings with their counterparts. Blinded by the good in their friends, they can easily give into their friend’s ideas and adventurous nature. In most cases, this zodiac sign represents unique individuals who look at situations from different angles and points. Being lovers of knowledge, they are passion-driven when it comes to establishing new and revolutionary ideas. A perfect description that fits such individuals is having an entrepreneurial nature. When it comes to business, the sign wins as the owners have a way of dealing with people.

Their Honesty is Admirable

Though these individuals are easygoing, this sign, being a fire sign, must be treated with caution as the owners have a quick temper. Fortunately, they are always forgetful and have a way of dealing with their tempers in aggravated situations. For instance, they easily forget about the root of the anger issues and focus on other issues. What makes the sign and the holders admirable is their honest nature. However destructive the situation may be, these individuals have a way of dealing with the truth and facing facts as they are. In a different situation, this sign represents people who have the urge and need to escape some situations. Therefore, they may come across as somewhat irresponsible.

Generally, this zodiac symbol represents adventurous individuals who would travel to the woods for the weekend. Coupled with their honesty and feisty tempers, they can turn a dull project into a success. The zodiac sign is often linked with leading project managers in the world. Being naturally engineered as go-getters, they have a way of reaching out to calm and collected individuals who need a campus –bearing in life. Conclusively, the zodiac symbol borrows a lot from the sun and its natural being that is known for shinning its rays to the universe.

Using Daily Horoscopes To Build A Stronger, Healthier You

I begin everyday with sitting in front of my online subscription of our local newspaper. I turn through the pages, only stopping at the news that stands out to me. I of course will turn to the comics section, will attempt to solve the daily crossword puzzle, only getting about a 3rd of it done before moving onto the daily horoscopes.
Now, its not because I believe that what it says to me is actually going to occur but to get a small giggle at the thought that it might. There are some days where the daily horoscope readings were dead on, but I contribute that to pure coincidence. Then there are days that it is totally off base. No matter what, it still provides me with a glimmer of hope each day.

Now I am an individual who is happily married, most days that is. I have no desire to go out and look for love. When the horoscope readings say something about finding the love of my life, well I don’t need help doing that. I already did that. I still get a chuckle out of thinking about all the people I could run into over the course the day and how my daily horoscope readings stated I would meet the love of my life. I mean, my mail man could be the man of my dreams on the days I don’t leave the house.

Now I’m not saying that your daily horoscope is something to not take very serious, there are people who whole heartedly believe that it will determine the outcome of a day. I am not a non-believer as I would like to think that there is a higher power where fate is concerned but I also believe that we must choose the path we go down.

The daily horoscopes help me to find a peace within my self to believe that there is better things ahead for me, it gives me the hope to wake up each morning knowing that my life will get better at some point. All because I pick up the morning paper and search for the daily horoscope readings.

The world is a bad place for people who feel as if they are living for nothing. The people who check out their horoscope readings are more likely to be in a better mood each day that they open the paper and find a daily horoscope with something positive to say. There is a domino effect that occurs when this happens. When someone who is down all the time is around others, they tend to bring others down with them. By becoming happy, the same theory also prevails. It will show that if someone is happy and on cloud nine, others around them will feel the same way.

Not all people are as pessimistic as I am. There are a large number of people who believe completely in the power of their sign. There are however, a number of signs that speak volumes for the people who feel naturally down about themselves or about their love life. There are a few select signs that have less good fortune than other signs.

If you believe in the power of the daily horoscopes, then you know how hard it can be on certain days to live up to the expectations provided by the creator of the daily horoscope. Applying that much pressure to yourself can be difficult therefore it is always best to take the horoscope with a grain of salt. The purpose of the horoscopes is to bring some enlightenment to your day to day lives. It is intended to be only used as a guide to help you be better over time rather than instructing all of your lives decisions.

The people who follow the horoscopes completely will find over time, it can be more difficult to actually carry on the dreams of their lives by the decisions made by the horoscope readings. You can only find the love of your life once. Unless something bad happens to them and in that case, you might find another love but one or the other is going to feel like a higher level of love.

Now you can take it or leave it when it comes to your day to day horoscopes. I recommend that you find a way to live your life with some guidance from the horoscopes. I mean there are some days that it would be better for you than others. It is also a good idea to know what healthy habits you should have to make living with the guidance of the horoscopes easier. Some habits will be hard to break but over time, the habit will become less and less. When the bad habits are gone, you will have more time to focus on the good things in your life and to focus on the more positive things that the horoscopes will provide to you.

Horoscope Love Team of Virgo and Sagittarius

Do you belong to the zodiac sign of Virgo while your partner is Sagittarius? Well, if you are interested to know how well you could get along together for life ahead, we have some insights about the Virgo-Sagittarius love team. Join me as we check out how strong the compatibility of these two zodiac signs in a loving and passionate relationship.

The Virgo and Sagittarius Team Up

Virgo is known for being analytic while Sagittarius is full of energy with its interest in exploration and travel. This couple according to their love horoscope traits will lead a very exciting and adventurous life. They both incline to spirituality that can make them a steady and committed partner in life. The perfectionist attitude of the Virgo can sometimes be too much for Sagittarius, but as soon as Sagittarius strives to understand that it is just part of being a Virgo, the Sagittarius can eventually learn to cope up with it. Besides, the spontaneity and reliability of the Virgo can mean so much for Sagittarius as they are working to reach their relationship and life’s goal both as individuals as well as a couple.

Strength Check

Sagittarius will bring excitement to the ever practical Virgo, who can tend to be minding so much about less spending on the resources. When the challenge is tough in life, the energy of the Sagittarius person can lift up the spirit of the Virgo and makes the Virgo cope up with the stress and keep back on the track. The zodiac signs of Virgo and Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter and Mercury which means they both love long and deep conversation with each other and they both love education. Learning is part of discoveries and with Sagittarius; Virgo can enjoy the pleasure of traveling and excites in the journey that Virgo person made with the Sagittarius.

Vulnerability Check

Because Virgo is more inclined to the material world and Sagittarius, on the other hand, is a zodiac sign of fire, their way of processing and analyzing things as well as resolving the underlying issues in relationship and life can be different. This can send them to have difficulty in resolving issues fast. While reassurance and provided the security that they will work out things for the good of the relationship, the mistrust on each partner is the worst enemy. Working for hand on hand and having a tough foundation helps in maintaining the strength of the relationship in Virgo-Sagittarius partnership. On the other side, though there medium vulnerability of the two signs, it is easy for them to provide freedom to their outer activities without worries for as long as the trust and loyalty are there.

Do you have friends or family members that are in this set-up or are you into this? Virgo and Sagittarius can be a well-rounded couple when they are able to see each other’s view without really taking it as personal attack. If they have surpassed that level, they are one of the passionate and beautiful partners that you can mingle with.

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{ how it’s made }

Those who have been following my blog for a longer period know that I love my Mulberry Bayswater.
I bought it pre-loved last October and I am still smitten with it. The lovely dark chocolate colored thick leather makes me happy every day. Mulberry bags are of beautiful quality and are hand made in factories in England, Turkey and China.
In the film below you can see how a Mulberry bag, in this case a Del Rey, is made.

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{ 2 ingredient pizza dough }

I am sure you must have read about this pizza dough before on the internet. This weekend I decided I give it a try. My love went to work and had to cook for myself and as he doesn’t like pizza this was good opportunity for me to try (and to eat pizza again).I can tell you….it is dead easy to make. And I can tell you…it is sooooo yummy.
This what my dough looked like. Not a perfect pizza shape, but that doesn’t influence the taste 😉
All you need for the dough s self raising flour and yoghurt. I found several recipe’s, from one cup of each,  a 2 to 1 ratio for flour yoghurt and 250 grams of flour and 150 grams of yoghurt. What I did was I used 250 grams (about 1,5 cup) of flour and added yoghurt until I thought the dough was fine, that is enough for 1 pizza.
The topping is a bit sparse, but I had to make do with what I had.
The original recipe says self raising flour and greek yoghurt. I made my own self raising flour (with flour, baking powder and salt) and used fat free yoghurt.
Not too shabby for a first try. It was very yummy!
I added all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed them with a fork. Then I poured everything on the counter top and kneaded it with my hands.You have the knead it for at least 5 minutes to give those gluten time to do their job. This dough doesn’t need to rise! I baked the pizza in an oven on 220 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 12 minutes. This was the first time I made a pizza and I can tell you, no more store bought pizza for me. images: